Sister Maura Brannick Health Center

(574) 335-8222

326 Chapin Street

South Bend, IN 46601

Video: The Sister Maura Brannick Health Center

The Sister Maura Brannick Health Center is a primary care clinic that targets medically underserved patients in St. Joseph County. It was founded in 1986 by Sister Maura Brannick, who was a nurse and a Holy Cross Sister. The clinic’s workforce is made up mostly of volunteers, including students, nurses, primary care physicians, and specialists.

Who is eligible for treatment at the Sister Maura Brannick Health Center?

  1. Patients must be completely uninsured. They cannot be covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or any private or employer based health insurance
  2. Patients must be residents of St. Joseph County
  3. Patients must have an income that falls below 150% of the poverty level

The Sister Maura Brannick Health Center is set up as a physicians office rather than a walk-in clinic, so each patient has a primary care physician to allow continuous, individualized care that fosters a fruitful doctor-patient relationship. The Health Center is also affiliated with specialists in the South Bend area that are available for consult by the primary care physician if a patient is in need of more specialized care for a condition.


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  1. Sahr Nabieu says:

    I want to register at the Sister Maura Brannick Medical Center. I have a pending Asylum case, but resident in South Bend. Am without medical insurance and not qualify for medcaid or any form of medical assistance. I am also without job, but have health issues that are troubling me. Can I come to your office on Monday, April 8 2013? I will be grateful if my request is granted

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