“It Needs to Get Better”

Inspired by the It Gets Better videos, members of the 4 to 5 Movement created a video calling for change on campus at the University of Notre Dame: “It Needs to Get Better.” It is the firm affirmation of all those working tirelessly for an inclusive environment that it needs to get better. It needs to get better because how we currently define our Notre Dame family excludes those who identify as LGBTQ. It needs to get better because our Catholic identity suffers until it does. It needs to get better because we have an obligation as humans, Christians, and Fighting Irish to those who identify as LGBTQ to create a more welcoming environment in which truly none are strangers and all may flourish. It needs to get better because these are the formative years of our lives and no one, not one person, should be leaving Notre Dame bitter because it did not do enough to stop the harassment and discrimination that exist. It needs to get better because it is our moral obligation to make it so.¬†This sentiment has been echoed in the following videos made in solidarity with the 4 to 5 Movement.

“It Needs to Get Better” at Notre Dame

Coleman Collins, ND ’11

Christine Becker, ND Associate Professor

Andrew Seroff, ND ’11


Dani Gies, ND ’14

Liam Dacey, ND ’04

CUAllies, Catholic University of America

Stonehill College

Mary Simons, ND ’15

Brenna Williams, ND ’12