About PSA

Our Purpose

The Progressive Student Alliance is a coalition of students, faculty and staff whose primary commitment is to advance the mission of Notre Dame’s call to foster a community in which every member is welcomed, respected, and loved without reservation.  PSA opposes all forms of oppression and takes an active approach to pursue changes to communal norms that inhibit or prevent a culture of respect for the fundamental dignity of the human person.  PSA raises awareness of social issues, cooperates with existing groups, empowers students, and encourages and organizes action.

Recent Issues of Action

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Membership is open to all interested students of Notre Dame, St. Mary’s,
 and Holy Cross. Staff may join as associate members and participate in 
working groups.


  • Co-presidents – Alex Coccia ’14 (acoccia@nd.edu) and Lauren Morisseau ’15 (lmorisse@nd.edu)
  • Treasurer – Maggie Holsinger ’15
  • Secretary – Dabin Lee ’15 (dlee14@nd.edu)
  • Master Coordinator and Chief Operating Officer of Technological Initiatives and Outreach – Dani Gies ’14 (dgies@nd.edu)
  • Media Secretary – Dylan Parent ’15 (dparent@nd.edu)
  • Director of Correspondence – Mary Simons ’15 (msimons1@nd.edu)
  • Media Outreach Coordinator – Andres Vidaurre ’15 (avidaurr@nd.edu)


Weekly, Mondays at 9:30pm in the Notre Dame Room of LaFortune (second floor, unless otherwise specified).

Join Us

Go to listserv.nd.edu >> Subscriber’s Corner >> ND-PSA-L.