What is the Smart Storage Program?

The Smart Storage Program (TSSP) is working to give you the best digital storage solutions so that you can live your best work life. The program is looking at collaboration, specialized, long-term, and archive solutions for the University by implementing the elements of the Notre Dame Storage Strategy 2020-2023. 

Given the reality of resource constraints and the time necessary for effective change management the program, projects will extend through the end of 2024. The program is currently in the planning phase and as of 5/12/21 there are 13 individual projects associated with TSSP.

Guiding Principles

To aid the program and project teams, a set of guiding principles have been established for the Smart Storage Program. These are:

  1. The program is guided by the Notre Dame Storage Strategy
  2. Put things in the appropriate place
  3. Build on the following:
    1. IT Governance Guiding Principles
    2. Cloud First Strategy
    3. Enterprise Architectural Principles
  4. Leverage our existing strategic infrastructure partners
  5. All solutions have a multi-threaded and robust support and transition plan
  6. See the big picture, take reasonable risks, and adapt quickly
  7. Focus on common needs before special cases.