CSE 40622 Cryptography, Fall 2020

General information

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Final exam

[Sample exam][Google doc of sample exam for collaboration][Study guide]
[Exam solution]

Mid-term exam

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Office hours

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Instructor office hours will be held physically and broadcast via Zoom.

TA office hours will be held virtually via Zoom.


AssignmentsSupplementary materialsSolutions
[WA00.pdf (optional)], due on Aug 19th
[WA01.pdf], due on Aug 21st[WA01-answer.tex][WA01-solution.pdf]
[WA02.pdf], due on Aug 28th[WA02-answer.tex][WA02-solution.pdf]
[PA01.pdf], due on Sept 4th[sample input][sample output][grading program][instructor's sample code]
[WA03.pdf], due on Sept 11th[WA03-answer.tex][WA03-solution.pdf]
[PA02], due on Sept. 18th[sample output][grading program][instructor's sample code]
[WA04.pdf], due on Sept. 21st MONDAY[WA04-answer.tex][WA04-solution.pdf]
[WA05.pdf], due on Oct. 2nd[WA05-answer.tex][WA05-solution.pdf]
[WA06.pdf], due on Oct. 9th[WA06-answer.tex][WA06-solution.pdf]
[WA07.pdf], due on Oct. 16th[WA07-answer.tex][WA07-solution.pdf]
[WA08.pdf], due on Oct. 23rd[WA08-answer.tex][WA08-solution.pdf]
[PA03.pdf], due on Oct. 30thPlease see the PA03.pdf for the samples and the grading program.
[WA09.pdf], due on Nov. 6th[WA09-answer.tex][WA09-solution.pdf]
[WA10.pdf], due on Nov. 13th[WA10-answer.tex][WA10-solution.pdf]

Lectures & materials

12:45-2PM Mon/Wed at Jordan Hall 100, broadcast and recorded at [Zoom] (requires Okta login).

DateLecture #TopicPPT/iPad noteNote
08/10 MONLecture 01Intro. to CSE 40622[ppt]
08/12 WEDLecture 02Preliminaries[iPad note][Lecture02.pdf]
08/17 MONLecture 03Public key encryption[iPad note][Lecture03-05.pdf]
08/19 WEDLecture 04RSA correctness[iPad note]
08/24 MONLecture 05RSA correctness & security[iPad note]
08/26 WEDLecture 06ElGamal intro. and group theory 1[iPad note][Lecture06-08.pdf]
08/31 MONLecture 07Group theory 2[iPad note]
09/02 WEDLecture 08Group theory 3 and ElGamal correctness/security[iPad note]
09/07 MONLecture09ElGamal Advanced 1[iPad note][Lecture09-10.pdf]
09/11 WEDLecture 10ElGamal Advanced 2, Formal Security Definitions 1[iPad note][Lecture10-12.pdf]
09/14 MONLecture 11Formal Security Definitions 2[iPad note]
09/16 WEDLecture 12Formal Security Definitions 3[iPad note]
09/21 MONLecture 13Quiz & review[ppt]N/A
09/28 MONLecture 14Diffie-Hellman Exchange & Hash functions[iPad note][Lecture14-15.pdf]
09/30 WEDLecture 15Padded RSA & Intro. to Paillier cryptosystem[iPad note][Lecture15-17.pdf]
10/05 MONLecture 16Chinese Remainder Theorem & Miller Rabin[iPad note]
10/07 WEDLecture 17Analysis of Paillier cryptosystem[iPad note]
10/12 MONLecture 18Paillier wrap-up and Fully Homomorphic Encryption[iPad note][Lecture18-19.pdf]
10/14 WEDLecture 19Fully Homomorphic Encryption and Bootstrapping[iPad note]
10/19 MONLecture 20Bootstrapping wrap-up and Elliptic curves[iPad note][Lecture20-22.pdf]
10/21 WEDLecture 21Elliptic curve cryptography[iPad note]
[Elliptic curve simulator]
10/26 MONLecture 22BLS signature & Blockchain intro.[iPad note]
10/28 WEDLecture 23Blockchain & Bitcoin 1
11/2 MONLecture 24Blockchain & Bitcoin 2
11/4 WEDLecture 25Blockchain & Bitcoin 3
11/9 MONLecture 26Blockchain & Bitcoin Wrap-up
11/11 WEDFinal review[PPT]