Mary Szeliga, Reflection

If there is one thing my fellow volunteers and I gain every week from Battell Elementary School, it is energy.  The spirit and drive that our students attain is infectious. Working with these students has been a great experience. This week, we discussed conflict and violence. Most of the students gave examples of sibling rough-housing gone sour or name-calling on the playground. One child gave a shocking example. The student experienced bullying from an older student on the way home from school one day. This example opened my eyes to the violence that some of these students experience once or more during their enrollment in public education. Whether or not the students are vocal about their encounters with violence, bullying occurs.

Take Ten allows students to gain violence prevention and conflict resolution skills at a young age.  Many of the students in our class have experienced three or four years of Take Ten, allowing them to have a stable foundation for non-violence thinking. Finally, Take Ten creates a fun and safe atmosphere for volunteers to teach non-violence education to students in K-12 schools.

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