Lauren Kross, Defining Violence

I have started my second week of teaching Take Ten to a group of third graders. Their willingness to learn and participate allows for an enjoyable experience. This week, we discussed violence and conflict. We played a charades game where ten students acted out their interpretation of the word violence. None of the students knew that they all had the same word on their card until after the activity. Many of the students resorted to kicking, punching, and stomping, but a few students performed non-physical acts of violence. This led to the discussion that violence can be many different actions, both physical and non-physical. As a culminating activity, I had the students break into groups and answer the questions, “Where do you see violence? How can you stop violence?” The students worked in teams to come up with an answer to present to the class. Many of the students mentioned media sources like television and video games while others discussed environments like the playground or home. This was a good discussion and provided the opportunity to not only establish where violence occurs but their place in ending violence.

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