Blogger of the week shares vision for Take Ten students

By Thomas Mann, Take Ten Volunteer and Blogger of the Week

I think that the most special thing about Take Ten is the encouragement of constructive dialogue.  Take Ten teaches students not to avoid conflict but to face it directly and address it in a way that allows for every person or group involved in the issue to voice their opinion.  Such an approach to resolving conflict makes it possible for different perspectives to be shared and appreciated. When people respect the opinions and values of others they are able to live much better lives.

If my students can learn this lesson – to listen to and appreciate the perspectives of others – then I can be certain that they gained something very important from my time with them.  Not only would each of their lives be improved on an individual level, but the diverse community of South Bend would also become the sort of place where the opinions, values, and needs of everyone, no matter what their background may be, can be addressed.  I am grateful that Take Ten has given me the opportunity to contribute to South Bend in a positive way. I hope that this goal is not merely an idealistic vision but something that we can realistically achieve.

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