Living by Take Ten principles

By Lauren Kross, Take Ten AmeriCorps Member and Volunteer

After serving with Take Ten for six months, I have noticed a definite change in my life. Through my teaching and service opportunities with Take Ten, I have learned more about myself as well as society. The same skills that help students learn to deal with conflict in a healthy manner, have also helped me in my personal and professional life.  Take Ten has taught me how to effectively communicate with others, especially when I try to avoid discussions that I do not want to have with someone else regarding a conflict. Naturally, I try to avoid confrontation and keep some issues nestled away.  Since avoiding these situations is not very Take Ten-like, I have really made an effort to openly discuss issues I may have with others and agree to disagree when necessary. I am a role model to many students that I work with and teach, so living my life by Take Ten principles is important.

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