Volunteer applies Take Ten to her own life

By Anna Marie Boarini, Take Ten Volunteer

I use Take Ten in my life all the time. Not that I am constantly in conflict, but life is full of ups and downs and Take Ten can help me deal with everything that happens. The slogan “Talk it out, walk it out, wait it out,” are three actions that are great when dealing with a conflict. However, the knowledge from Take Ten that I use most often is that my feelings and emotions matter. One of the best lessons the kids take away from the curriculum is the idea that being angry, or happy, or sad, is ok. What matters is how you as an individual chose to act on those emotions. Take Ten helped me realize that the emotions I feel are important, but that I need to channel my emotions in a positive manner. I have the tendency to let people take advantage of me and I sometimes do not stick up for myself. Take Ten has shown me that I should talk about the problem I am having instead of just internalizing my feelings. If I talk about the problem, or wait until I have cooled down, I will feel better and be able to solve any problem I am having in a more productive manner.

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