Blogger of the week shares her favorite memory

By Melissa Buddie, Take Ten Volunteer and Blogger of the week

My favorite memory as a volunteer with Take Ten involves a young boy who rarely spoke up during the time that my teammates and I were teaching Take Ten. We worked very hard to get him to participate by encouraging him and making sure that he understood the material. Even with our inclusionary efforts, he rarely spoke up even when called upon by a volunteer or peer.

After several weeks of being in the classroom, we were teaching a lesson about communication, focusing on the ways in which one person’s viewpoint may not match another’s. For better understanding of the material, we played Pictionary on the chalkboard. The student who never spoke up raced to the board to be the first to draw. Afterwards, he began to participate in our lessons.

It was great to see that we were able to find a way to connect him to the material and help him to break out of his shell. This memory is one of the many ways in which I know that Take Ten is making a positive influence over the lives of children that we teach.

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