How can you be a positive force in ending bullying?

By Lauren Kross, AmeriCorps Member

Each week I teach at least four Take Ten classes in local schools.  In addition, I serve as the full time AmeriCorps member for the program and assist with several projects. Being a part of the Take Ten team has opened my eyes to the importance of violence prevention and conflict resolution through education.

I have seen first hand the growth of knowledge by students in the Take Ten program.  Even though we discuss complex issues like violence, conflict, diversity, and trading perspectives, students as young as Kindergarten can grasp the concepts. The teaching style for Kindergarteners versus high school is vastly different, which is why the program is successful.

Education is important for ending bullying in schools across the country. Programs like Take Ten take a complicated issue and allow kids to learn in a fun, interactive fashion. Having a sense of humor is a Take Ten Ground Rule for a reason! Mixing learning with fun is one way our volunteers keep students engaged in the lesson and eager to learn more.

How can you be a positive force in ending bullying? Educate youth about how to deal with conflict in a healthy, non-violent way. Education is the keystone to success and those students educated on violence prevention will most likely be a positive force in ending bullying in their school. Become a volunteer with Take Ten to take our lessons to schools in the Michiana area. It will be a memorable experience for you and the student lives that you touch each week as a volunteer.

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3 Responses to How can you be a positive force in ending bullying?

  1. Scott B says:

    Awesome post. It is always nice to see groups like AmeriCorps and Take Ten make a firm stance on non-violent bullying response. All too often, the taught response is to respond with some form of physical or verbal action (often influenced by negativity). As a youth motivational speaker , my aim when speaking to students is to instill the same types of response patterns within schools around the country.

    Again, great post! It is always nice to see positive entries with regards to bullying!

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