The Bald and Beautiful

The Take Ten Team participated in an awesome event April 20 in support of cancer research.  We had a specific target in mind, and that’s pediatric oncology.  At Notre Dame, “Bald is Beautiful” Days, allowed us to either shave our heads, cut our hair and donate it, or have orange hair extensions put in. By participating and paying our fee to do so, this event benefitted Memorial Hospital’s Pediatric Oncology unit.  So orange hair and shaved heads will help local kids with cancer!

Beyond our participation fees, though, we wanted to help Phoenix Bridegroom, who just turned 6 in February. Phoenix has leukemia.  She has spent many weeks since last October at Riley Children’s Hospital, other days at Memorial, and continues to struggle.  She has had numerous chemo treatments, fever spikes, acute pancreatitis, and the many side effects that chemo treatments bring.  She continues to endure, showing her family her strength and sassy attitude as much as she can.

This turn of events has been emotionally and financially devastating to the entire family.  We can’t cure the cancer from which Phoenix suffers, but we can show her and her family our love and support and do our part to alleviate her family’s financial burden!  As a team, we were able to raise over $1,500 for the Bridegroom family. If you would like to donate, please contact Ellen Kyes at

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