Take Ten Reflection by Amy Porter

My experience with the Take Ten program during my four years at Notre Dame has taught me so many things, but there are two that stand out to me at present. The first is that you always need to be prepared for the unexpected, whether it be good or bad. There were times during my lessons when things didn’t go as plan, but I’ve learned how to take on those detours and move forward, usually in a better way than was expected. I’ve been able to carry this lesson into my own live, by handling the unpredictabilities of life much more smoothly and confidently than I had before.

The second lesson I know I’ll take with me is to remember that humans are innately curious. This was one of the most profound things the Take Ten program gave me. While it seems like such a simple concept, I think our busy lives cloud our minds, and sometimes cause us to overlook something as simple as curiosity. While I always knew we had the ability to be curious, and have seen it first-hand so many times, the students I taught in Take Ten reminded me that we, as humans, have this unstoppable curiosity. The students constantly ask questions and want to know more. Why, how, where, when? And this is not to be taken as annoying or excessive. The fact that these students are continuously asking questions should be a positive sign. They are curious; they want to learn. So it is our duty, as their team leaders, as their teachers, and as their mentors to teach them; to harness this curiosity and make great things happen. In the case of Take Ten, we take this curiosity and use it to teach non-violence conflict resolution skills. But during this process, we also get to teach them about things we’ve learned, whether they be “big life lessons” or random factoids. We can never stop learning, and because of Take Ten, I will never forget this.

-Amy Porter

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