Becoming a part of our community

By Emily Moser

Volunteering with Take Ten for the past four years has taught me so much.  Regularly being in charge of a classroom has helped me grow as a leader, and teaching the lessons has caused me to reflect and improve upon how I handle conflict in my own life.  While these have been important benefits, I think that the greatest thing that I have taken away from being a part of Take Ten is that it has enabled me to feel like a member of the South Bend community.

During the school year it is very easy to become trapped in the Notre Dame bubble.  With classes, food, and friends all located within walking distance it’s hard to remember that there’s anything beyond Eddy Street.  Take Ten is my chance to break that bubble.  It’s a time for me to spend connecting with and giving back to the community that I live in.

Serving in the classroom is easily my favorite part of the week.  I love to see how excited the students are to participate in Take Ten.  It’s great to see them grow through the semester, and at the end it’s hard to say goodbye because of the bond we’ve created.  This bond makes me feel like I’m more than just a student at Notre Dame.  I’m a volunteer in South Bend schools, and I am lucky to have these students welcome me into and treat me as part of their community.

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