Semester Skills Sessions

The Themed Entertainment Association at Notre Dame is spearheading a new initiative this Semester: Skill Sessions! It came to our attention that there were many people who wanted to learn skills outside of their major and perhaps didn’t have time to take a class on the subject. Because of this, we organized a system for students and experts to teach each other.

Furthermore, in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, many internships, classes, and jobs have been significantly altered or canceled, so we’ve started these skill sessions to allow students interested in themed entertainment to maintain their skills and gain valuable experience. We reached out to TEA/TPEG groups at other Universities and they have partnered with us to bring this initiative to life. So, this semester we will be hosting these Skill Sessions open to anyone interested, student or not.

A YouTube Playlist of all of our previous skill sessions can be found here.

You can also view the Wiki page for a more detailed description of the Skill Sessions here.

Here is the last Skill Session: First Time Coding (Python)!