Welcome Jessica Juday, Administrative Assistant

Please join us in welcoming Jessica Juday to the Midwest Regional Development team!  Jessica will be joining us as an Administrative Assistant on September 3rd.

Jessica graduated with a degree in Mathematics from Rhode Island College in 2011.  She was employed at Pawtucket Credit Union in Pawtucket, Rhode Island until just recently when she relocated to the South Bend area with her fiancé, Michael Witous.  Michael is from the South Bend area and is beginning his senior year at Holy Cross College.  Michael and Jessica are getting married on July 13, 2014.

Jessica is also self-employed as a private mathematics tutor and worked in several other customer service positions during college to finance her education. 

Jessica’s former employers described Jessica as a self-starter, a fast learner and a great teammate.  Jessica also has considerable computer skills that we hope to put to good use for the benefit of Notre Dame.

In her spare time, Jessica likes to watch movies, meet new people and be involved with the Little People of America organization.  She is looking forward to meeting all of you in the weeks ahead. Please stop by and welcome Jessica!

Janet Jessup and Danny Nussbaum

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