New Feature on Founders Wall

Dear Colleagues,

The Special Events & Stewardship Team is happy to share a new storytelling feature to the Founders Wall on the Irish Green. The interactive kiosk at the Founders Wall, which celebrates our principal donors, now features not only the ability to search for a donor’s position on the wall, but also a narrative biographical story and photo.

Annually, concurrent with the update of the wall’s etchings, we will be drafting and editing original biographical stories for new principal donors. These stories will be sent to the primary solicitor for review and approval. Our team will then facilitate the process of donor approvals and inclusion within the kiosk.

Please note that if you have a donor who reaches this milestone, this process will take place each summer. We appreciate your help and partnership in the stewardship of these extraordinary benefactors! Should you have any questions about this process, please contact Amy Thomas at x6303 or via email at

Warm regards,

Katherine Lane

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