Professional Development Plan (PDP) Launch

UR Team,

Thank you all so much for your energy and participation at Summit last week! It was my first one, and I really enjoyed it.

I am following up with some details on the Professional (or Personal) Development Plan (PDP) that was presented during the ND Voice section. As I mentioned last week, many corporations utilize PDPs to empower employees to take a very active role in their career progression. The purpose of crafting a PDP is twofold: first, it provides a useful roadmap that outlines strengths, areas of opportunity, as well as available resources; and second, it facilitates more meaningful career discussions with leaders throughout the division and the University. With these benefits in mind, we are excited to launch a year-long PDP pilot.

We ask every member of the UR team to complete a PDP by the end of September. After completing your initial plan, we encourage you to have conversations with your manager, as well as leaders in the division and beyond, to continue refining your PDP.

[Below] is a document that provides additional details, as well as a template PDP (my initial draft) to begin completing for yourself. Please feel free to enlarge or reduce the ‘boxes’ in the template to meet your personal needs.

If you have any questions or concerns completing the document, feel free to reach out to James Riley, Bryan Reaume, or me.

We will collect your feedback over the course of the year to improve the document and your experience.

Many thanks,

Heather Christophersen – Associate Vice President, Advancement Services

  Link to PDP Description  |  Link to PDP Template 

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