Run Eduroam Setup Utility Now to Maintain WiFi Connectivity on Campus

The eduroam certificate will expire at the end of this year. To reduce impact during the academic year, the OIT will update this certificate on Mon. July 13 at 5:30 p.m.

To ensure you can connect to the campus WiFi network, run the eduroam setup utility on all your wireless devices as soon as possible. This will configure your devices for the new certificate. You can do this from any location.

Many IT services are not accessible when connected to ND-Guest, including Banner, Remote Apps, CorpFS, GLez, PeopleEZ, Business Objects, and others. Details on how to run the eduroam setup utility are available in this knowledge article.

***Please note: After running the utility you will get a message saying configuration succeeded. Configured Network is however not in range. Click “continue” then click “done”. Do not click “retry”

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