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Monthly Archive for September, 2015


Last weekend, I made a trip to a tiny village in the region of Tanga.   Some friends I had made at language school were going to be Christian missionaries in a mostly Muslim area, and to work through a school there. They invited me to come visit them, so like the adventurer I am, I […]

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Be free.

It’s funny how sometimes there’s not a translation for words that are common in one culture, but non-existent in others. I just learned a great slang word, shikwambi, which means a person who eats cleverly (by smoothly mooching off others). There’s a  Vimeo video made by some kids in Iringa, not far from here, about how a […]

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Haraka Haraka, Haina Baraka

I should probably introduce myself, so that if you’re taking the effort to read my ramblings, you understand a little bit about where I’m coming from.   My name is Sarah Stubbs.   I’ll be a senior at the University of Notre Dame this coming fall. I want to be a doctor, and to eventually work […]

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Give Us This Day

They tell stories about moments that change your life.   “I found Jesus, and everything was different after that.” “I found the love of my life, and the world was suddenly clearer.” “I studied abroad in Spain, and my perspective on life was radically changed.”   Everything’s supposed to be miraculous. Everything seems to be […]

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Pre-Entry Goals

Hi everyone! I’m a Biology/Pre-Med student from northeastern Minnesota. I’m doing an International Development minor, focusing on global health, and in the future, I hope to go to medical school, and eventually work internationally with an organization like the WHO, Doctors Without Borders, or Catholic Relief Services. My previous international experiences have taken me to […]

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