Father Ted: Here’s a Prayer that Always Works

First words, like first impressions, are very important. I consider it auspicious to start this blog — this blog simply called “Word” — with some words that can’t fail. They can be found in this video by Father Robert Barron, the noted scholar and evangelist ¬†of the Catholic faith, but he attributes them to Father Ted Hesburgh, CSC, our President Emeritus here at Notre Dame.

Father Barron reports he heard Father Ted give a homily in which he said, “Here’s a prayer that always works.”

This prayer that Father Ted has always loved, as many people know, consists of three words: “Come, Holy Spirit.” Yes, that says it all. Find this reference at about 10 minutes into the video, and stay tuned to hear Barron’s insights about the prayer … a prayer that’s mostly about listening, being receptive, rather than submitting a wish-list. I can’t claim to be good at adopting this attitude, but I’m trying, and I realize such an attitude prompts one to use words sparingly but powerfully. Thanks, Father Ted! Holy Spirit, please help me to use my words temperately but efficaciously in my work and in this blog.

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