Coronavirus Policy in an Election Year: A Blog for Your Views

I am acutely aware that efforts to deal with  the impact of the Coronavirus can be politically sensitive issues.  In particular, because this is an election year, I am determined to do my best to avoid engaging in political proselytization. At the same time, it would not make sense to teach a course about world politics without addressing our dire situation.  (As you will see in some of our required readings, I have had to ride a fine line in pursuing both of these objectives).

Also, as a firm believer in the value of classical liberal democracy, I relish the opportunity to promote debate in my classes.  The study of politics would be boring–and for that matter, not even about politics–if people didn’t disagree.  And I know there are acute disagreements over politics at Notre Dame.

Therefore, I have created this entirely voluntary page to enable you to post articles related to the handling of the pandemic.  Since we are studying politics from a comparative perspective, I particularly welcome articles that illuminate the practices and cultures of different states and peoples throughout the world.

Please submit articles to me that relate only to the specific topic of the Coronavirus.

In the interest of promoting knowledge, and not falsehood or personal political agendas, I cannot guarantee that I will post every article that you submit.  For example, I will not post explicitly partisan articles, such as those from websites for the Democrats’and Republicans’ campaigns for president. In a manner that is consistent with Notre Dame policy and the world’s efforts to combat the pandemic, I will not post articles that are contrary to scientific fact, e.g., that the Coronavirus is only a bad flu, that masks and contact tracing are not vital ways to combat the virus, or various and sundry conspiracy theories (Left or Right).  I will only post articles from students enrolled in this class.

When you submit an article, tell me if you would like me to use your name or Anonymous.  If you are concerned about maintaining your anonymity with me, arrange to have someone else send your link. If I choose not to post your link on this page, please feel free to write to me and ask for my reasons.  I will be glad to discuss the issue with you.  If we cannot reach agreement, I will recommend that you send a different link so I can post it.

Finally, you are not required to read this page or any specific articles. Nor are you required to submit articles.

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