Alumni Encounters

Elle Metz

Young Alumni Programs Manager

One of the perks of my position as Young Alum Program Manager (along with being able to see the dome from my window) is interacting with so many young alumni. People expect ND alums to be successful–that’s not news. And we are. Alums go on to pursue any number of prosperous career paths. Lawyers, doctors, investment bankers, accountants, engineers, consultants, architects, teachers.

What many outside the Notre Dame Family fail to realize, though, is how alums are successful in less conventional and visible ways. A lot of our young alums devote themselves to service for a few years after graduation, others make a special effort to serve their new community as they once devoted themselves to Notre Dame, still others take chances to pursue their art.

Recently, I had the privilege of speaking with three young alums that exemplify the courage Notre Dame grads show in contributing to the world. The first two, Brian Powers ’12 and Nick Gunty ’12, make up the musical duo Frances Luke Accord. They recorded their first album with the Barefoot Truth’s Children’s Choir in Kkindu Village, Uganda. And the proceeds from the album are paying for the children’s education. Read their story here¬†

The third alum I spoke with was Michael McDonald ’09, who has devoted himself to an NGO in Kenya. There, he writes books on social justice. Their topics range from AIDS orphanages to school reform, and they are helping shape the future of Kenya in the best way. Look for his story coming soon! These alums remind me, and hopefully you, the enormous potential we all have to influence and inspire in a positive way. With our ND education as a base, we can strive for more than the conventional definition of “success.”

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