Young Alums Being Awesome

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Elle Metz

Young Alumni Programs Manager

Over the past few weeks, I’ve heard of young alums embarking on some pretty unique endeavors. They’re interesting and inspiring, and I had to pass along their stories.

The Musician: If you’ve watched Late Night with Jimmy Fallon recently (love that guy), you may have noticed an appearance by singer/songwriter, Kat Quinn ’10. Quinn was one of the audience members chosen to participate in a Battle of the Instant Songwriters. Three people are chosen to write a song just before the show tapes. They then perform their original song on Late Night.

Quinn’s song, “Clouds Are People Too,” is adorably entertaining. Her talents extend beyond on-the-spot songwriting though. Quinn majored in Literature and Peace Studies and minored in Latin American Studies at Notre Dame. She moved to Nashville after graduation and then relocated to New York City. Here, she produced her debut EP, Exhale. She also contributed the song “Luck and Angels” to the two disc Notre Dame Spirit CD that came out in 2012. Learn more about her here.

The Volunteers: Shannon Crotty ’12 and Katie McCabe ’11 are big TOMS fans. Not just “I wear TOMS because they’re cute and make me feel good about myself” fans (like the rest of us), but “travel to a third world country on a TOMS Giving Trip” fans. Both Crotty and McCabe have applied to be one of 50 volunteers to go on a TOMS Giving Trip to help distribute shoes to those in need.

Crotty was inspired to attend the trip after working with disadvantaged children in Komga, South Africa as a part of ND’s Summer Service Learning Program. McCabe wanted to contribute to TOMS in a “more impactful way” after she researched the many causes the company supports. Learn more about them here. Whether or not they attend this trip depends on how many votes they receive–help them out! Vote for Crotty here and McCabe here.

The Bachelor: For all you Bachelor/Bachelorette junkies out there (I’m looking at you, my Rome roommates from Junior year), you’ll be interested to hear about Michael Garofola ’02. Garofola, who is a federal prosecutor in South Florida, is allegedly competing on the upcoming season of The Bachelorette. He will be up against two dozen other men looking to win the love of Desiree Hartsock.

Garofola attended Fordham Law School and is described by one colleague as “a clean-cut Alpha Male.” If he does turn up on The Bachelorette, let’s hope Desiree is a Notre Dame fan. Read Garofola’s story here.

The Documentary Filmmaker: Scion just announced the winners of their Motivate program, and Class of 2012 members will see a familiar name on the list. Will Thwaites ’12 took home honors for his documentary  about Get on the Bus, a California nonprofit that brings children and their caregivers/guardians to visit their parents in prison.

Thwaites will receive a Scion vehicle, Scion accessories, $10,000 and career mentoring. Read more about the Motivate program here.

As usual, our alums continue to surprise and inspire me. If you have a story to share about what you’re currently up to or how another young alum is contributing to the world, please let me know!

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