Social Media: Necessary Evil

Elle Metz

Young Alumni Programs Manager

As young alums, we’ve grown up with social media. It’s part of our lives. Let me just say this up front: I like social media. I also hate it. It makes it easier to stay connected. It also encourages us to constantly compare ourselves to our peers. It’s fun. It’s also narcissistic. I understand the power of social media for brands and for our own personal brand. I understand that it’s a part of modern day life. I also understand that people tend to represent the best possible view of their lives. I’m definitely guilty of it.

While reading over some posts this weekend (and posting myself), I wondered just what it would be like if people were completely honest on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc….

Based on real posts:

Worst boyfriend award ever goes to Johnnie who got me ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Thanks a million. Not

Happy 57th Birthday to my mom! Gosh you really bug me sometimes. 

More pictures of me doing the skinny arm! Cuz I look thinner when I do it! Everyone, come see how good I look! Be jealous

My wedding: here are the 30 pictures I like. There are 500 others that I hate.

I almost went running this morn. Then I decided to sleep in instead. #lazy

Look at this photo of my dog! Isn’t my little family of three the most perfect thing ever?! #grownup

The one healthy, pretty meal I made in the last two months #backtoarbystomorrow

Look a baby! We’re related somehow! When I hold her, I look cuter too

A sunset! I’m the best photographer in the world!

Here are the first drinks we had at the beginning of the night. They’re pretty cocktails. Things got reaaaaaaaaal ugly after that though

Best friends! (but really we talk sporadically and just look really happy in this photo)

New job starts today! I’m terrified…

Got a tattoo. Go ahead, tell me how cool and rebellious I am

Baseball game! This view is the worst. I wish I had better seats. 

Ok night out with people that I kind of like #summer

Granted, some people are being honest when they post that they are so excited to be reunited with their friends, or that all the birthday posts made them feel like the luckiest person in the world, or that they have the greatest mom ever. But let’s be real here, people only post the good stuff. Think about that when you start comparing yourself to everyone else. No one has a perfect life. A lot of people don’t have it nearly as together as it appears, especially us young alums. So keep posting, keep tweeting, keep choosing filters – just don’t get sucked in. Better yet, take a social media hiatus for a while. It’s refreshing.


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