Flow Visualization

Parallel Hierarchical Visualization [SC07]

Sketch and Template [PVIS10]

Hierarchical Streamline Bundles [TVCG12]

View-Dependent Streamlines [VDA13]

Focus+Context Flow Visualization [TVCG14]

Streamline Similarity Analysis [VDA14]

FlowString [PVIS14] [TVCG16]

FlowTour [PVIS14] [CVIS19]

Supervised Streamline Segmentation [C&G15]

Sketching Surface [SAVIS16] [TVCG18]

Time-Varying Multivariate Data Visualization

High-Dimensional Direct Rendering [VIS03]

WTSP Tree [TR04]

Correlation Study [PVIS09]

Application-Driven Compression [CG&A10]

AniViz [CG&A10]

Hierarchical Correlation Clustering [ISVC10]

Static Correlation Visualization [PVIS11]

VesselMap [C&G16]

Deep Learning for Scientific Visualization

Flow Field Reduction [CG&A19]

FlowNet [TVCG20]



V2V [VIS20]


STNet [VIS21]



Scalar2Vec [PVIS22]

VCNet [VI22]

SurfNet [EVIS22]

CoordNet [TVCG23]

GMT [C&G23]

NeRVI [C&G23]

Visual Analytics in Scientific Visualization

Hierarchical Navigation Interface [IV05]

LOD Map [VIS06]

TransGraph [VIS11]

iTree [PVIS13]

FlowGraph [PVIS13] [TVCG14]

Mining Transition Graphs [VIS15]

Semantic Flow Graph [TVCG18]

Matrix of Isosurface Similarity Maps [VIS18]

SurfRiver [PVIS21]

Visual Analytics

ETGraph [C&G17]

CNVis [VDA18]

CCVis [VDA19]

PerformanceVis [VI19]

AntVis [VI20]

CoursePathVis [VDA22]

SD2 [TVCG23]

Information Visualization

Time-Varying Graph Drawing [TVCG12]

iMap [VDA13] [IV15]

AniMap [TST13]

iGraph [VDA15] [IV17]

HoNVis [PVIS17] [IoTDI17]

High-Order Correlation Graph [PVIS18] [TVCG20]

Spectrum-Preserving Sparsification [C&G20]

Hierarchical Sankey Diagram [ISVC21]

ArcheryVis [ISVC23]

Visualization in Education

FlowVisual on Desktop [ASEE13]

FlowVisual on iOS [VDA16]

GraphVisual [ASEE20]

VolumeVisual [ASEE21]

TreeVisual [ASEE22]

Volume Visualization

Image-Based Quality Metric [TVCG07]

Volume Data Quality
Assessment [TVCG08]

Feature-Preserving Data
Reduction [TVCG11]

Equally Spaced Isosurfaces [C&G18]

High-Performance Visualization

Multiresolution Volume Rendering [PGV04]

Multiresolution Time-Varying Data
Reduction [VG05]

2-3 Swap [SC08]

In-Situ Visualization [CG&A10]

Information Theory in Scientific Visualization

Importance-Driven Visualization [VIS08]

Information Theory [ENTROPY11]

Multivariate Information Transfer [PVIS11]

Streamline and Viewpoint Channel [TVCG13]