Reflection – Nick 10/24/19

On Thursday we visited St. Benjamin’s, which has both a health clinic and a school component. I was particularly struck by the health clinic. On the one hand, I was very impressed by the selflessness of its workers, many of whom did not have formal medical educations (at least by American standards). On the other hand, the facilities were not particularly clean and, for example, the clinic was unable to perform c-sections. So while I was struck by the good work the clinic does, I can only hope that they continue to improve their capabilities so they can continue the amazing service they do.

On a lighter note, we also had the opportunity to play sports with students from Lakeview. It was a great way to get to interact with the students in laid-back setting. They were all very talented and athletic, and despite being competitive, they were also incredibly inviting, so I (as well as everyone else) had a lot of fun.

Finally, we had a walking tour of Bugembe at night, which was somewhat overwhelming but fun at the same time. There’s no real distinction between vehicle traffic and pedestrian traffic, so you had to be constantly alert. It was a very hectic environment, but it was great one to be able to experience.