Music and the Library Collection

Working with the O’Neill Collection, I have more questions than answers.  How was music printed and sold in Ireland?  So I was very happy, browsing through the Journal of Music, to learn of a new website called The Dublin Music Trade.

DMTThis is based on a card index developed by the late Brian Boydell, of music publishers, printers, sellers and instrument makers in Dublin from 1750 to 1850.  The database has been developed by his son Barra Boydell, and later by Dr. Catherine Ferris.  It appears from the website that while Brian Boydell’s original card index covered one century, this database is expanded to include earlier years, back as far as 1515.

In addition to the search facility, it is possible to browse through lists, so for example we can see all 17 listings for Capel Street, or listings under category, e.g. Musical Instrument maker: Flute, which also has 17 names.

This database, hosted by the Research Foundation for Music in Ireland, will be of great assistance to anyone working with the Francis O’Neill Collection in our library.


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