Mar 26

Starting a New Job: smooth transitions  

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

The search is over, and you’ve accepted a new role. Congratulations! If that doesn’t apply to you now, it soon will. And once it does, a whole new exciting process begins: transitioning from graduate school to your new job. Whether that is in academia, industry, government, or otherwise, there are a few strategies you can use to successfully begin the next chapter of your career.

First, check to see if your new organization will be providing you with any kind of formal mentor during the first year or 90 days? Someone who can help ease your transition, particularly to the sociocultural norms of your new organization and city. If not, seek one out on your own. Part of your supervisor’s support could be in facilitating the connection to someone who would be willing and interested to meet with you a few times as you get settled into your role. Check out the articles pinned on the “Career Advice & Inspiration” board of our Pinterest page for more tips on launching a successful career.

Moving to an unfamiliar city can be daunting as well. Notre Dame provides many opportunities for social support that might be missed once you leave campus. Finding a similar network will be important for replacing those support systems. In an example where you might be moving to Baltimore, you could seek out local young professional groups, or if you enjoy running and fitness you could look into the Baltimore November Project club as a way to meet new people.

Another resource you can access while you’re still on campus is GoinGlobal. One of the best features of GoinGlobal are the “City Guides,” and they have guides for 47 U.S. cities from Albuquerque to Washington DC. Moving abroad? There are business and cultural guides for 41 Countries and 32 international cities. As long as you’re connected to the ND internet (or proxied into the library databases) you can utilize our campus subscription. You can find it down in the list of employer databases on this page of our website.

Finally, don’t forget about the Alumni Association Communities, Clubs, and Groups, which are fantastic ways to stay connected with friendly faces around the country and world.

Please add your own tips for transitioning to a new organization and city in the comments below.

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