244 Haggar Hall

Department of Psychology

University of Notre Dame


Notre Dame, IN 46556

The Spatial Cognition Lab studies how we represent internally the objects, locations and events of the external world.  This includes topics such as: navigation, giving directions, following directions, and remembering landmarks and their locations. Please navigate through our lab website to learn more.

Please contact us if you want to participate in this research, work in the lab, or have any questions.


Current Lab Members


Laura Carlson

Principal Investigator


Jennifer Kolesari

Graduate Researcher







Benjamin Nelligan

Postdoctoral Researcher



James Dickson

Undergraduate Researcher



Chao Kei Lao

Undergraduate Researcher


Alannah McCann

Undergraduate Researcher


Maria Fernandez Navarro

Undergraduate Researcher


Leslie Omeeboh

Undergraduate Researcher