Eating Out in South Bend: Part 3

            As I head into my last semester at Notre Dame, I believe it is time to continue a series of posts that I began early in my blog. That series began as a list of places to eat when you are tired of the dining hall; now, it has grown into an appreciation of the quality and variety of food that South Bend has to offer! Not only is this information important for younger Notre Dame students, but it also allows me to take a break from discussing COVID and thereby tackle health and wellness on a lighter note.

            My first post about food in South Bend was focused on where to get ethnic food in the area.  I touched on Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese.  Because South Bend is a mostly white area, finding the little pockets of ethnic food was important to me.  However, it’s been just as fun exploring the more usual restaurants that South Bend has to offer.

            In my most recent post of the series, I discussed two restaurants that continue to be in my top ten: Original Pancake House and Evil Czech Brewery. However, now that I live off campus and no longer eat at the dining hall, I have been exploring South Bend much more often. Furthermore, I don’t want to leave South Bend after graduation without having experienced all it has to offer!

            First on our agenda is breakfast. Although Original Pancake House satisfies all my breakfast desires, I was delighted by my new favorite Uptown Kitchen as well. Their menu is extensive, and my friends and I especially love their cinnamon roll pancakes and fried chicken benedict! Everyone is sure to find something they like, and the prices are fair as well. Next is Peggs, a South Bend classic. I had always been reluctant to try Peggs because it is so often frequented by students, but after having gone several times I can say that it lives up to the hype. Along with food that is very well done, Peggs has a wonderful seasonal coffee/drink menu!

            When it’s time to celebrate an occasion with a nice dinner, Corn Dance is always a great bet. It is pricy and classy, but also unique. We love the seafood mac and cheese, and you can’t go wrong with any of their steak options. Corn Dance is a cousin to Evil Czech, so its success makes sense. A third restaurant in the Evil Czech family is Jesús, which is also unique and delightful. Their Latin-American food is very well done, and their extensive margarita selection is even better for those who are 21! They also have healthy options that are no less satisfying than their most decadent plates.

            Woochi, the best sushi place in South Bend, remains a staple for myself and my friend group. Their sushi is great, but their sides such as Bitter Melon deserve attention too. My favorite South Bend restaurant of all time, Livery, was recently replaced by another named Bru Burger. Although I miss Livery, I will concede that Bru Burger is actually amazing. Additionally, for being a burger place, they have some great vegan and vegetarian options!

            Finally, a COVID side note. Eating out isn’t the safest option right now, and isn’t even an option in many places. Takeout is good, but never as good as the real thing. If you’re looking for a home-made meal that feels gourmet, definitely get your ingredients and sides from Martin’s—it’s like South Bend’s Whole Foods. Hopefully this post has given you some food options to add to your list for the spring semester! Until then, stay safe and go Irish!

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