Dispatches from Chile: A mod abroad

By: Steve L’Heureux

Notre Dame MBAs in Chile, 2017 (photo courtesy Steve L'Heureux)
Notre Dame MBAs in Chile in fall 2016. (Photo courtesy Steve L’Heureux)

During Mod 2 in the fall, the Notre Dame MBA program offers second-year students the opportunity to study at the Pontificia Universidad Católica in Santiago, Chile. About a dozen classmates and I are nearing the end of our stay, and I simply cannot recommend it enough. Sure, as I sip wine in Argentina or soak in the thermal springs of the Atacama Desert (all the while thinking about the students stateside unpacking their winter jackets), it seems obvious why a mod abroad in Chile beats out the alternative. But the value from the mod abroad program goes so much deeper than warm weather and full-bodied Malbecs. 

In both the classroom and everyday life, the mod abroad program offers an exploration into the development of emerging markets. In class, we are taught by some of business’s top minds, whose impressive qualifications include a PhD from MIT and a presidentially appointed seat on board of the Central Bank of Chile. We discuss and debate theoretical and current issues such as the economic impact of government policies throughout the continent, how foreign companies have succeeded and failed to launch in Latin American markets, how current pushes for nationalism around the world would impact global markets, and more.  

We have also been able to continue these discussions outside of the classroom, with everyone from top local businesspeople to new Chilean friends, to gain perspective of how these principles play out in reality. It’s as if we are living a case study. The program has allowed us an opportunity to immerse ourselves into a new culture and leave with a unique perspective of how government, history, and economics are shaping Latin America. Salud!

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screenshot-2016-12-06-14-49-02Steve lived in New Orleans, Louisiana, prior to business school. He is concentrating in corporate finance and business analytics, and attended the University of Illinois for his undergraduate studies. His favorite memory at Notre Dame is… well, he just wrote about it. You can find Steve on LinkedIn.