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Public Intellectualism in Comparative Context: Different Countries, Different Disciplines

April 22 – 24, 2013

NDIAS PI Map3This international conference, hosted by the NDIAS in McKenna Hall at the University of Notre Dame, will focus on the roles played by public intellectuals—persons who exert a large influence in the contemporary society of their countries by virtue of their thought, writing, or speaking—in various countries around the world and in their different professional roles. Leading experts from multiple disciplines will come together to approach this elusive topic of public intellectualism from different perspectives.

The conference will include interdisciplinary discussion of ideas presented as well as less formal opportunities for scholarly discourse and interaction. Each session includes a 40-minute presentation, a 20-minute commentary from another scholar in the field, followed by 40 minutes of questions and discussion of the presentation. This engaging and interdisciplinary approach differs from conferences in some disciplines, offering a unique opportunity to engage other scholars in ways that transcend disciplinary boundaries and providing participants new perspectives and ideas.

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