Fresh Produce Education Project

As the Food Journey, we are seeking to provide families with a way to eat fresh for less.

As we have done research and begun our community based learning, our project has taken many twists and turns, as you can discover on our Timeline page. On this page however we want to outline to other students who may have interest in doing community based learning, or joining in with the project we are currently working what our project is all about.

Through interviewing farmers at the local farmers market we discovered that people living on a budget, or off of SNAP benefits may not know how to cook fresh produce, and supplement their diet with such foods. Therefore we have decided to create a pamphlet to distribute at the farmers market, as well as local food pantries to educate these individuals on the benefits and accessibility of eating fresh produce. We are making sure to highlight that though it is fresh, it is also affordable. Many people believe that fresh foods are too expensive to purchase and serve for a family, but we have made our focus of community based learning to educate on the issue of nutrition, as it relates to poverty. Having people understand that eating healthy can benefit their health, as well as their wallets, will hopefully lead more people to become more informed shoppers and consumers of fresh produce.

Attached to this page is the pamphlet to be handed out in the farmers market and at local food pantries. Please click to view: RecipePamphlet