The description below is my research profile. I also direct Data Security and Privacy Lab (DSP-Lab).

Privacy-preserving data publishing and mining

Numerous applications utilize user-generated datasets, and such datasets contain much sensitive information describing individuals. I study how to achieve the goals of data publishing and mining without disclosing users’ sensitive information.

Keywords: privacy-preserving computation, secure multi-party computation, differential privacy, applied cryptography

Cybersecurity in big data

Increasing attention is paid to cybersecurity due to the exploded applications utilizing big data, however big data have various characteristics (volume, velocity, variety, etc.) making it challenging to protect users’ data security and privacy. My research focuses on protecting end-to-end user privacy and information security in the big data life cycle.

Keywords: Data security, data semantics, big data provisioning, accountability

Big data mining in the context of cybersecurity

In order to have more comprehensive understanding on what information can be leaked from the big data, Dr. Jung also studies what information can be mined from the big data. I study the mining of both macro-level and micro-level human behavior out of various types of structured/unstructured datasets.

Keywords: data mining, machine learning, deep learning