Champions for Change with Micki Kidder

Join THRIVE! on Friday, May 15, 2020, from 12:00pm – 1:00pm for a Zoom session, Champions for Change: Charting Your Roadmap in Times of Uncertainty, headed by Micki Kidder.

Micki, who now serves as Vice President for University Enterprises and Events, will facilitate a conversation on how to outline a roadmap to maximize your happiness, joy, and satisfaction. While the past few months have pushed us to redefine how we balance our roles (mothers, wives, sisters, colleagues, friends, etc.), Micki looks forward to discussing how we can use this time to find a sense of calmness in the journey, and rediscover our personal and professional paths.

To learn more about this event or to register, please click here.

Contact Lori Ehrman Tinkey, or 574-217-5185, with any questions.

Investing During Uncertain Times Webinar Registrants

Dear Colleagues,

As a follow-up to my prior communication on this webinar which will be held on Tuesday, May 12 at 12:30 pm EDT, a list of registrants is now available for you to view here.

Webinar access information for development staff will be shared prior to this event.

This complimentary webinar will feature special guest speaker Jeff DeHaan, Partner with Clearwater Capital Partners.

For more information about this webinar, please contact Laura Walker.

Student Emergency Relief Fund


Please note:

1. The Student Emergency Relief Fund presentation is available here and at Campaign Resource Center.

2. Your email signature will be automatically updated on May 4 with a new banner that directs people to the Student Emergency Relief Fund giving page. This update will NOT be applied to Athletics Advancement, Rockne Athletics Fund, Gift Planning, Corporate and Foundation Relations as they have their unique banners. Please reach out to Lin Wang if you have any questions.

Student Hourly Pay Rate Update

Greetings from the Office of Student Employment!

In light of the announcement that there will be no faculty or staff merit increases for the upcoming fiscal year, it has also been determined that the student hourly pay rate will not increase effective May 1, 2020 as previously stated.

With this in mind, the Basic student hourly pay rate will remain $8.32 for the 2020/2021 academic year; you may review the 2020/2021 Pay Rates in the Student Jobs Resources task via insideND.

If you have already entered jobs using the increased rates, you may review the Adjust Hourly procedures in the Student Jobs Resources task via insideND to make the appropriate pay rate adjustments.

If you have any questions, please contact our office.

Student Employment

An Urgent Request for Notre Dame Students

The following email was sent to members of the ND Family inviting them to make a gift to the Student Emergency Relief Fund. Assigned prospects were removed from this solicitation, but please feel free to review this language used. The Annual Giving team is handling responses – please reach out with any questions.


“We are committed to all Notre Dame students and their families. We want to assure that no ND students fail to graduate due to financial distress. No matter how difficult things get financially, we seek to leave no students behind.”

Dear [Blank],

The Notre Dame family is always at its best when we rally together, rise to the challenge, and fight for the values that have built and sustain our community.

Today, thousands of Notre Dame faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and friends are on the frontlines working to make the COVID-19 pandemic as manageable as possible. We have heard countless stories about our current students organizing food drives, tutoring elementary students online, calling to check in on elderly neighbors, and so much more.

This is why the Notre Dame experience matters so much: it forms leaders of character whose skills, knowledge, and empathy help make the world a much better place, especially in times of great need.

The consequences of the pandemic have spared no region, industry, or educational institution—including the University of Notre Dame. We anticipate this economic crisis will have a dramatic impact on many of our students and their families. Early forecasts predict that current students receiving financial aid will need more, and as many as 500 students not currently receiving financial aid will require it in the fall semester.

Helton, a sophomore, is one such student in need of assistance.

“When the campus was closed to students during Spring Break, the University paid for my airplane ticket to return home, and gave me money to pay for groceries so I could eat…”

With so many needing assistance, I hope you will consider making a gift to Notre Dame’s Student Emergency Relief Fund. We recognize that not everyone will be in a position to give at this time; if you are able to join us please know that 100 percent of your gift will directly benefit those students whose financial status is adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

I am confident that if we care for our families and one another, and remain true to our deeply held values and beliefs, we can weather any storm, under the watchful eye of Our Lady on the Dome. Be assured of my prayers for you and your loved ones.


Lou Nanni
Vice President for University Relations

OIT’s Taste of Technology Is Zooming into May

Hi everyone:

You may have seen our big news in IT Matters–we are going to hold the Taste of Technology 2020 this May. We’ll present our sessions via Zoom one at a time spread out over the month. We hated that we had to postpone the event and know that doing it in person is a lot more fun, but we are excited about the chance to connect with you all virtually during this crazy time.

A number of things will be different doing it this way. First, we’re asking you to register. Doing so will put you in a Google Group that will be invited to all 12 sessions; they will appear in your calendar. You can attend them all or just a handful, whatever works for you. But the Zoom link will be there in the calendar invitation for you to use. If you have a spouse that wishes to attend, we have a separate way for non-ND people to register.

To register:


Another difference is that there are no simultaneous sessions. This means you don’t have to make a choice as to which to attend. As in the past, all the slide decks will be available after the sessions; all sessions will be recorded and published to the website by early June.

The schedule of sessions, session descriptions and more can be found on the conference website: If you have any questions, contact us at 631-7227 or

We hope to see you in May!

-Your Taste of Technology Team

Position Announcements

I am excited and grateful to share the following position announcements and transitions effective April 20, 2020.

Julia Sama will transition from her current role as Sr. Campaign Program Director to Senior Director of Volunteer Engagement and Advisory Councils. In this role, Julia will lead the innovation of new volunteer engagement strategies and platforms for the top 2% of our benefactors and prospects, and manage the growth and impact of the University’s Advisory Council program.

Debra De St Jean will transition from her current role as Development Associate to Assistant Director of Advisory Council Operations and report directly to Julia Sama. In this role, Debra will: help organize the fall Advisory Council meetings across 18 councils; coordinate the annual Advisory Council strategic review process; publish the Advisory Council digital directory; and manage communications of important University news to council members.

Finally, Sharon Rankert will begin to report directly to me and assume additional responsibilities in support of my role as Associate Vice President

Please join me in thanking and congratulating Julia, Debra and Sharon for taking on these new roles and responsibilities in service to Notre Dame.

Best, Drew