Institute for Global Investing Updates

To better support NDIGI’s goals of promoting research and thought leadership, educating and training students, and convening stakeholders, the Institute’s leadership has been updated as follows. For all questions related to NDIGI, please contact Natalie Sargent (AAD, Mendoza College of Business):

Faculty Director: Colin Jones, associate teaching professor of finance, will serve in this role, where he will be responsible for developing and directing the Institute’s academic curriculum and student programs, coordinating faculty participation in the Institute’s programs, and representing NDIGI at selected Wall Street events and industry forums.

Colin teaches Applied Investment Management (AIM) and Advanced Investment Strategies. Recipient of several significant teaching awards, he is the coauthor of the digital introductory textbook “A Living Introduction to Finance,” a real-time learning platform that saves students money on textbooks while improving the efficacy of introductory courses.

Managing DirectorErin Bellissimo, NDIGI managing director since 2018, is continuing to serve in this role and is responsible for setting the Institute’s strategic priorities and managing its operations in collaboration with the faculty and research directors. This includes developing and directing curriculum and programs, mentoring students, supporting faculty research, and building and facilitating relationships among the Institute’s key constituents.

Research Director: This is a new position. Professor of finance Shane Corwin, who previously served as NDIGI faculty director, will serve in this new role of research director. Shane will be responsible for leading the Institute’s research efforts and serving as a conduit for academic investing-related research to be shared with NDIGI stakeholders and the practitioner community.

UR a Force For Good – Ronald McDonald House

Our October charity of the month is the Ronald McDonald House of South Bend. We will be partnering with them in a couple different ways and the first we’d like to highlight is participating in their Chef for a Day Program. We have 5 dates in October we’ve committed to providing dinner for, and for each of those meals we are looking for 6-7 volunteers. Those dates are October 11th, 17th, 18th, 22nd, and 25th. To volunteer or for more information please sign up here. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Grace Prosniewski or Amy Plotkin.

UR October Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all our colleagues celebrating their special days in October! We hope you have a scary good year!

10/3 – Brandon Tabor
10/3 – Jesse Meyer
10/4 – David Chaudoir
10/4 – Ellen Roof
10/5 – Sheri Egendoerfer
10/6 – Ruben de Jesus Medina
10/8 – Maureen Dunkley
10/10 – T.J. Pillari
10/11 – Ashley Gerard
10/11 – Tom Scrace
10/12 – Chris De Trempe
10/12 – Katie Eckrich
10/13 – Julie Burnett
10/13 – Mary Fisher
10/15 – Jim Gosz
10/16 – Angeline Johnson
10/17 – Katherine Cinninger
10/19 – Allison Slabaugh
10/20 – Brad Goff
10/21 – Darius Walker
10/24 – Andrew Yocum
10/24 – Heather McClain
10/25 – Sujatha Rajkumar
10/27 – Leah Corachea
10/27 – Mary Jane Anon
10/28 – Anne Wieber
10/30 – George Duke
10/30 – Kasey O’Connor
10/31 – Jason Scarlett