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as of Friday, April 3, 12pm EDT

The screencasts associated with the “Zoning I” readings have now been posted.

The sun is STILL shining. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Here is a terrific story about wealthy neighbors, including Cubs pitcher Yu Darvish, fighting over views of Lake Michigan. Thanks to Gaby Mercurio for finding the complaint! Here it is: Eyler v. Darax LLC. Take a peek and tell me what you notice. Darvish’s neighbors claim the benefit of an easement assuring them of a view of the lake across Darvish’s yard.

And here is another relevant story, this one involving Lamar Jackson’s action against Amazon for selling unauthorized merchandise. Enjoy (with thanks to Eric Leis for sharing both articles!).

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Here is the supplemental reading assignment for Water and here’s the one for Oil & Gas.