The current syllabus for Spring 2023 is here.
PowerPoint slides are available here.

Here are the supplemental readings for February 2, February 6, February 8 and February 20.

Optional materials related to our class discussions:
– Class 2 (Finders): here’s the back story on Sue the Dinosaur, and here’s a memorable story about finding abandoned personal property.
– Class 3 (Gifts): here’s an interesting blog post about Michael Gruen (of Gruen v. Gruen).
– Class 6 (Animals): here’s an article with the back story to Kleppe.
– Class 10 (Cultural Property): here’s a remarkable story about a Confederate statue in Tristan’s hometown; and here’s a news article about the amazing 3 J’s and their “art.”
– Class 13 (Bailments): this has nothing to do with bailments, but we discussed in class the degree to which slave owners received compensation after Emancipation. This article discusses this issue.


Thanks to all those of you who have sent me items to share!

Keep an eye on this page for additional materials.