Team Rwanda: Day 3, 4, 5.

We are finally back! Over the last eventful three days we have been deep in the rural section of Rwanda with no internet access, gaining more information and insights on agribusiness opportunities for the youth. At the beginning of the class, Professor Emily Block had told us that the only constant would change-we would need to change schedule and mindsets on a regular basis. This has been our reality for the last last 3 days.

We split into two groups (Kurt, Shubi, Erin, and Emily for the Ruhango district, Anne, Josel and Ben for the Kamonyi district). Each group performed research with youth focus groups, government officials, farmers, and market observations & visits.

At one time we had a three-way translation happening: French to Kinyarwanda, Kinyarwanda to English, English back to French.

We debriefed at the end of each day over drinks and dinner ending with the question, what new information would we be seeking the next day. Following are the last 3 days in pictures.


Counting Money

This looks like a scene from ‘Oceans Eleven’!, it’s actually ‘Team Rwanda Seven’ counting money after changing a large amount of US dollars into the local currency.

Meeting District

In one of the meetings with the local government officials.


Debriefing after a long day.


About to set off for the rural areas.

Annie 2

Low tech data mining. Anne and Erin (from CRS) get down to gathering insights after a youth focus group session.

Anne 3

Anne telling a story with her photos.

erin photo

After one of the youth focus group sessions





A picture worth a thousand words.


Market 4

Baskets ready for sale at the weekly market.



Shubi sharing.



Off to observe, ask, and learn.

Market 6

In one of the meetings with the local cooperatives.

Erin Today

Another picture worth a thousand words.

Ben n Josel

Josel and Ben..

Debrief 2

Debriefing back in Kigali on day 5.




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  1. You all look great and are doing great work! What an experience! God bless you all.