Team Rwanda: Day 6

We spend the early part of the morning visiting one of the church memorials of the genocide and talking to survivors. One of the questions the team asked was how the survivors had been able to forgive the perpetrators to which they responded that it was difficult but aided by the perpetrators coming to them to seek forgiveness. It was a powerful moment being at this site ( For the team it only puts the work we are doing in perspective. Both Jeffrey Sachs and Paul Collier in their books End of Poverty and The Bottom Billion respectively make a a casual link between poverty and conflict. Perhaps in our own small way we are contributing towards reducing the chances of this happening again.

We spent the rest of the day meeting company officials of the Rwanda Trading Company  and Karisimbi Business Partners to get their perspectives on where opportunities lie for the rural youth. Many of the ideas suggested involved trade, and increasing agricultural  productivity supported by education.

The team gets to spend some rest and recreation for the weekend. Some members are headed to do the Gorilla Trek, and will join the rest of the team for a visit to the Akagera National park. We will post some photos.

Day 6 photo 2

Ntarama Church where more than 5,000 people were killed in the 1994 genocide while they sought refuge inside.

Day 6 photo

Talking to some of the survivors who live next to the church.


One thought on “Team Rwanda: Day 6

  1. To Annie and Team Rwanda, I’m reminded of a favorite quote: “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”. So while you may feel that your work or contacts, made in the face of tremendous tragedy and devastation, might feel insignificant, have faith that you are touching lives in ways that you can never know, that your presence is giving hope to these people, and that the Holy Spirit is using you and your actions to heal them from the hurt left by the unspeakable. I’m keeping you in mind with love, care, and prayers for continued success of your work. Sincerely, Betsie Walter (Annie’s mother)