CoP Presentations

Past CMCoP Sessions


1/26/2023 – Creating the Compelling Why

Deidra Holcomb from the University of Southern California joined us for an excellent presentation on Creating the Compelling Why that included a four-quadrant tool to help craft the “why.”

9/29/2022 – Google Wizarding College – Changing the Game

A special thanks to today’s presenters, Lisa Weinburg and Lauren Freda. We hope you all enjoyed the session and learned about how gamification and change management can work together.

5/25/2022 – Change Management Community of Practice: Engaging Sponsors Part 2

We hope you enjoyed the discussion on engaging sponsors. Thanks to everyone who attended and especially those who shared some great insights! 

4/29/2022 – Sponsor Panel

Thank you to everyone who participated in our sponsorship discussion. A special thank you to our panel members Tracy Weber, Steve Varela, Dan Tormey, Sharon Hayward, and Chris Frederick.

1/20/2022 – 7 Ways to Minimize Resistance

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our conversation on how to minimize resistance to change. We hope to see you again when we meet in the Spring.

9/23/2021 – Yes, And….Communication Plan

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our conversation on how to use the “Yes, And . . .” technique to carry a conversation forward and the introduction of the communication plan template available to all members.

5/5/2021 – Barrier Point – Applying ADKAR® to Projects

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for our discussion of barrier points and how to use the ADKAR model when working on projects. We hope to see you again for our July meeting.

3/24/2021 – Unpacking ADKAR® Part II – Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement

Thank you for attending the session as we continued to discuss ADKAR – Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement.  The discussion was engaging and we are excited to build a community of change together.

2/25/2021 – Unpacking ADKAR® – Awareness, Desire and Knowledge

Thank you to our 46 members who joined us as we dove deeper into
Awareness and Desire. We also heard from Jennie Brackett and Dana Schrader about the DataND project and how they use change management to help their project succeed.

10/14/2020 – Prosci ADKAR model

Thank you to our 47 members who joined us as we discussed the five building blocks for successful Change Management:
Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement (ADKAR®)

6/30/2020 – All Change is Behavioral Change

We would like to thank the 64 participants who attended today’s Change Management Community of Practice workshop. Here are some notes from the workshop:

1/23/2020 –  Change Management Community of Practice Kick-Off Meeting

Building a Change Management Community of Practice at Notre Dame.