For loops in bash

A collection of really useful links for bash scripting

For loops:

Here are some links to tutorials I’ve compiled so you can get some extra practice using/crafting for loops. All of these will contain information we haven’t covered yet in addition to the basic for loop.

Warning about using the output of ‘ls’ as a set for a for loop:

More bash goodies:

Test your skills!!

Environment to test out code if you think something weird might be going on with your setup (warning – there might also be something weird with this setup, I haven’t played with it a whole lot).

Regex Practice


Lots of options for practice – choose your favorite!

Regex combined with sed and awk:

Regex golf – match a string with the shortest possible expression:

Bash scripting cheatsheet:
Common/userful bash one-liners:
Friend’s github page with too much awesome information to put it into any other category – spend some time digging around: