Bone Voyage by Stanley Rhine


Bone Voyage is an approachable, yet educational book covering the overview of forensic anthropology as well as one man’s personal experience in the field. Stanley Rhine provides thrilling and detailed cases of forensic anthropology from New Mexico, including a mummy in an attic, prison riots, and murderous prison escapees. These cases, along with Rhine’s general description of the field, lay out the process of discovering a body to identification to discernment of cause of death. Bone Voyage also includes background into the development and modern practice of forensic anthropology, as well as its organizational and professional aspects. Rhine’s writing is accessible to those with no background in the field as well as astute enough for those who are anthropologists.  Overall, it provides a well-rounded, concise, and entertaining account of forensic anthropology’s origins across America, as well as the specific details of the New Mexico Office of the Medical Investigator.