Babies: a Documentary Review and Paleo Parenting Unessay


The documentary, Babies, is a six-part series that presents babies developing in six important components of the first year of their lives. Fifteen babies across the world were followed for a little over a year to discover first-hand accounts of Love (Bonding), First Food, Crawling, First Words, Sleep, and First Steps. In each episode, footage is shown of the families, demonstrating how the children are progressing with respect to that episode’s focus. Each installation of the series also features multiple experts in the field who present their research and explain a little more about what is happening to and within babies as they grow from birth to infancy. The series does a superb job of interspersing actual footage of the babies to complement the findings being presented from the experts’ research. In this website, you will find a summary and review of each episode with research that supports some of the claims mentioned. Also, there is a longer critical review which combines all of the supporting evidence into one report. Finally, there is a list of cited sources.