Camp Overview

This two week energy camp is designed to introduce motivated high school students to the frontier of research and development (R&D) in the sciences of energy. Over the course of the two weeks, students will be educated specifically in one renewable energy converter device (for example solar panel) and storage device (for example, hydrogen fuel cell), but then allows students to regroup and bring individual devices together to form mini-grids. More specific lectures and topics within the subsystems are listed here.

During the first week, the students will focus on a specific energy sub-system. These will include broadly: Mechanical to Electrical Energy, Bio-Physics and Chemical Energy, Thermal and Chemical Energy, and Solar to Electrical Energy. The second week will focus on combining the sub-systems to design a mini-grid in multidisciplinary teams. More specific lectures and topics within the mini-grid systems are listed here.

View this google presentation to see pictures of students learning about all kinds of energy from solar to thermal to chemical to biological to nuclear to old school human power as well as how to create mini-grids with an ardunio or raspberry pi microcontroller and ultimately to discuss state-of-the art smart grid technology.


University of Notre Dame

Prof. Abigail Mechtenberg  |  |  208 Jordan Hall of Science

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