Welcome to the Irish Sustainable Energy for Everyone Camp at the University of Notre Dame ( home page. I-SEE Camp is an energy systems education program designed to introduce motivated high school students to the frontier in research and development (R&D) in the sciences of energy systems. At such an exciting time in the field of energy, students will have the chance to learn what experts in the energy sector are working on from teaching and research professors. The field of energy is inherently interdisciplinary, and includes sciences such as physics, chemistry, and biology as well as engineering and entrepreneurship. Students will have a chance to be exposed to advance their knowledge of all of these topics, while also developing leadership skills. For course information, click here! To apply, click here (note: if you applied before May 8, please reapply or email us directly to double check we received your application)!

Dates for Summer of 2017: Sunday, July 23 – Saturday, August 5

View this google presentation to see pictures of students learning about all kinds of energy from solar to thermal to chemical to biological to nuclear to old school human power as well as how to create mini-grids with an ardunio or raspberry pi microcontroller and ultimately to discuss state-of-the art smart grid technology.


Come join us this first I-SEE summer camp at University of Notre Dame. Previously we ran this summer camp at MIT and currently we are implementing this innovative energy curriculum in school districts for advanced high school students. These energy projects can be included in college applications or just for students’ summer fun.


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