Typical Day

Typical Energy Day Breakdown:

8am-9am: Breakfast at North Dining Hall

9am-12pm: 2 Energy Events

12pm-2pm: Lunch with Camp Counsellors, Break

2pm-6pm: 2 Energy Events

6pm-8pm: Dinner

8pm-10pm: Evening Activity

The first week of the camp will be in depth focus on their chosen field of energy: mechanical, thermoelectric, solar, or bioprocesses. The second week the students will be broken up into multidisciplinary teams to build mini-grids based on the expertise they acquired the previous week.

Evening Activities

The evening activities available include movie nights, video games, rock climbing, bowling, swimming, volleyball, basketball, capture the flag, and tennis. The students will be able to choose every evening which activity they would prefer at University of Notre Dame just as if they were college students themselves with college camp counselors.

On the weekends, the scholars will also be able to participate in a range of other activities including (but not limited to): visiting the University Park Mall, bowling, iceskating in Compton Ice Arena, touring Notre Dame’s campus, and playing ultimate frisbee.


University of Notre Dame

Prof. Abigail Mechtenberg  |  iseecamp@nd.edu  |  208 Jordan Hall of Science

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