Undergraduate Researchers/Energy Counsellors

We want to ensure that Notre Dame Scholars who partake in I-SEE@ND have a chance to understand what college life is like. Part of this comes from living in dorms right on Notre Dame’s campus, but we also have staff who are energy students to help ensure student’s get the most authentic college experience possible. These students are all passionate about and do research in the field of energy, and come from a variety of different majors- everything from pre-medical studies to engineering to physics to business.

Robert Stiller – Physics

Bobby is a junior Physics major working in Dr. Mechtenberg’s lab. His research examines how to optimize energy storage devices for a smart grid. This research strives to minimize internal loses in power distribution which both saves money and helps the environment. He is originally from Bufalo, New York, but now lives in Dunne Hall. He plans to go to graduate school in complex system analysis. But, he also loves astrophysics. His favorite organizations are NASA and SpaceX.


Maxwell Tetrick- Biochemistry and Sociology

Max is a second year biochemistry and sociology major at Grinnell College.  He is interested in using science as a vehicle for social change.  He plans on attending graduate school for biochemistry, but is also interested in medical school.  He will be leading the bio-physics activities over the course of the camp.



Luke Maillie – Physics and Medicine

Luke is a junior undergraduate Physics in Medicine Major at Notre Dame. He works in Dr. Mechtenberg’s lab examining how using complex network analysis can provide insights to the process of electrification, especially through the use of off-grid electric. He is originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, but lives in St. Ed’s hall on campus. He plans to attend medical school after graduation. Over the camp, he specializes in mechanical to electrical energy. Luke is most excited for the rock-climbing opportunities throughout the week.


Annelise Gill-Wiehl – Civil and Environmental Engineering

Annelise is a sophomore studying Environmental Engineering and International Development Studies. She lives in Farley Hall, but is originally from St. Louis, Missouri. Her current research focuses on thermal electric generators in cookstoves. She is also working on researching energy preferences in renewable technology in Shirati, Tanzania with Professor Robert Katikiro at the University of Dar es Saalam. She hopes to go on to graduate school in renewable energy in international development. Over the course of the camp, she will be leading the thermoelectric activities based on her research interests. She is most excited for the swimming and biogas production activities.






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